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For protection and coverage, a quality roof means the difference between a long-lasting building and countless repairs. With a variety of high-performance options available, Butler sets the standard in quality roof systems.

What roof options are available?
From high-slope to low-slope, many options are available for commercial roofing applications. When considering a new roof, you should be aware of the following:

  • Climate
  • Roof size
  • Roof angle
  • Installation cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Lifecycle cost
  • Aesthetics
  • Building codes

The high-slope roof market is heavily residential and dominated primarily by asphalt shingles. Other materials used in high-slope applications include wood shakes and shingles, slate, tile, and standing-seam metal panels. Standing-seam metal roofs are more commonly used in the commercial market.

Ideal for commercial buildings such as warehouses, office buildings, schools, and retail centers, these roofs typically feature a slope of 3" per foot or less. A growing number of new one- and two-story buildings in the United States use metal systems construction, and most use metal roofs.

Metal Roof Systems
Whether for a new project or a reroof application, a metal roof system is an application that is ideal for commercial buildings. The benefits of a metal roof system depend on whether you use a through-fastened R-panel or standing-seam metal roof. However, all Butler® metal roofs:

  • Are designed and manufactured in a quality-controlled factory
  • Can be directly applied to an existing roof (for reroof applications)
  • Can be handled by a single contractor
  • Are designed to meet local building codes for conditions such as wind, fire, and hail

Through-Fastened R-panel
Through-fastened R-panel metal roofs, designed for low-slope applications, typically use 24- and 26-gauge coated steel panels. The panels are installed over structural support, being fastened at the sidelap and/or endlap joints.

Standing-Seam Metal Roofs
Designed for low-slope applications, standing-seam metal roofs use panels that are seamed together on-site. Butler uses a portable electric roll-forming machine (Roof Runner®) that bends the edges of connecting panels together to form a watertight seal.


Butler® Metal Roof Systems

  • MR-24® roof system-the most specified standing-seam roof on the market and is specifically designed to accommodate roof movement.
  • CMR-24® roof system-offers all the benefits of the MR-24® roof system, with the addition of a layer of rigid insulation board and an interior steel liner.
  • Butlerib® II-engineered to be economical both to install and to maintain, the Butlerib® II roof offers features that make it the best through-fastened roof system in the industry.
  • VSR™ roof system-a versatile standing-seam roof system designed exclusively for architectural applications.
  • Snap-It™ architectural roof system-an easy-to-install snap-together architectural standing-seam metal roof system.

For more information on roof systems, view the literature below.
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