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Putting Strength to the Test

The Butler Research Center operates as the most comprehensive research and development facility in the industry. Here Butler simulates the worst possible weather conditions that place stress on your building so we can ensure continual, evolutionary improvements of Butler® Building Systems.

      This real-time test exposes panels from every Butler® roof and wall system to actual weather conditions. Panels remain exposed for the length of their respective warranties-a minimum of 25 years.

      The dew-cycle weather-ometer test measures the fading and chalking effects of sunlight and dew accumulation on the Butler-Cote™ finish system. The 1000-hour test is equal to 20 years worth of South Florida sunshine.

      The wind-uplift test measures the ultimate wind-induced uplift that a Butler® roof panel is able to withstand. Butler can also perform tests in accordance with Factory Mutual, Corps of Engineers, Underwriters Laboratories, and ASTM E 1592 test specifications.

      The sulfur-dioxide-resistance test uses a combination of water, sulfur dioxide, and heat to simulate an acid-rain environment, measuring the acidic resistance of Butler® color pigments. Butler only uses acid-resistant pigments in its panel coatings.

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