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The TextureWall™ panel system is a factory-insulated metal wall system with a durable stucco-like appearance.

The panel's exterior stucco-like surface is created by the Texture-Cote™ finish system-a hard aggregated fiber-reinforced polymer finish. This factory-applied finish combines an attractive appearance with durability, resisting the effects of impact, abrasion, and weather. Unlike field-applied finishes, which are vulnerable to damp or cold weather during installation, TextureWall™ panels can be erected in virtually any weather. And the stucco appearance satisfies many local building ordinances that require masonry or stucco exterior. The panels come in four attractive colors.

The interior panel face is finished in an attractive fineline configuration with a polyester white color. This can act as a finished interior wall or can be used to apply other conventional wall materials. And because each wall panel is fastened to the structural system with concealed fasteners, the panel's uniform appearance is uninterrupted.

The TextureWall™ system offers a full 10-year warranty on material and application and is UL listed for 1- or 2-hour fire resistance assembly (see UL fire listing U652).

Energy Efficiency

The TextureWall™ system's factory-installed foam-core insulation and thermal break joint design delivers excellent energy efficiency, with a tested U value of .067. The factory-applied joint sealant provides a complete wall-system weather barrier. Panels are offered in 2- to 4-inch thicknesses.

Easy Installation

Because a clip is all that's required at each girt for most applications, installation of panels is simple and secure. With only a clip, the entire installation is performed from outside the building envelope, eliminating the need for erection crews to fasten panels from the inside of the building. The 42-inch panel width saves installation time and costs.

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