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StylWall® is a factory-insulated flat wall system with concealed fasteners for new and retrofit applications.

The flat wall panels feature an outside surface embossed with a stucco pattern, providing a rich appearance in a variety of colors.

Each panel is fastened to the wall structural system and then "locked" into the adjacent panel, concealing the fasteners. This enhances the building's appearance and improves its security.

Laminated to the inside face of the StylWall® II flat panel is a rigid insulation board that improves the insulating properties of the wall and the flatness of the metal face.

The tested "U" value of the insulation board laminated to the interior surface equals 1 inch of fiberglass blanket insulation, which means you can reduce the amount of additional insulation and save on the overall cost of the wall. The 16 inch panel width, combined with the side "return leg", acts like a metal stud so almost any conventional finish can be easily fastened to the interior of the wall system.

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