Online Building and Retrofit Roof Design & Selection Guide

Butler® building systems and roof systems offer superior performance characteristics, an array of aesthetically pleasing design options, and proven sustainability attributes. Factory-produced components and assemblies guarantee increased quality control, and construction by Butler Builders® means you're not at the whim of unreliable subcontractors or unqualified laborers.

Partnering with Butler also means on-time, on-budget delivery and minimized professional risks and liabilities. Consistent, dependable support and technical guidance from Butler lasts from the beginning of the project to the end-and even beyond.

Butler is dedicated to providing designers the tools needed to incorporate Butler systems into any building design. Our website includes AutoCAD-compatible details and Word-formatted specifications. The easy-to-navigate pages make it easier than ever to source Butler products.

You'll find common architectural details and complete product specifications within our Online Design & Selection Guide.

Building Systems

Butler® steel building systems offer the most advanced construction alternative for industrial, institutional, and commercial projects. Precision-engineered structural systems with integrated standing-seam metal roof systems, can combine with metal wall panel options or hardwall materials for faster construction at predictable budgets and reduced, long-term maintenance and operating costs.

Roof Systems

For any scale project, structural or architectural - Butler® retrofit roof systems assure you of industry-leading strength and reliability.