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Building and Retrofit Roof Design & Selection Guide

Butler® building systems and roof systems offer superior performance, aesthetically pleasing design options, and proven sustainability attributes. Factory-produced components and assemblies guarantee increased quality control, and construction by Butler Builders means you're not at the whim of unreliable subcontractors or unqualified laborers.

Partnering with Butler also means on-time, on-budget delivery and minimized professional risks and liabilities. Consistent, dependable support and technical guidance from Butler lasts from the beginning of the project to the end-and even beyond.

Butler is dedicated to providing designers the tools needed to incorporate Butler systems into any building design. Our online Design and Selection Guide provides AutoCAD-compatible architectural details and Word-formatted product specifications.

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AIA-Certified Continuing Education

Butler makes additional resources available to architects through online continuing education seminars approved by the AIA.

The Metal Initiative sponsors several upcoming online webinars including Retrofitting with Metal Roof and Wall Systems and Building Green -- for details, visit http://www.themetalinitiative.com/content/education/webinars.cfm.

The Butler LEED Certification and Sustainable Steel Building Systems seminar provides an overview of how the use of steel building systems contributes to LEED certification.

Our Life Cycle Costs of Metal Roofing Products seminar provides an overview of the types, characteristics and benefits of metal roofing products, cool roofing and related finishes as well as a comparison of life cycle costs of metal roofing versus conventional roofing systems.


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